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Visual Art


: abstract : bold : colorful : unconventional :

Currently working with acrylic paint and resin, I’m happy to share my latest artistic endeavor: fluid painting. I enjoy using different techniques such as a “dirty pour,” “puddle pour,” or “dutch pour” to create visual artwork. My curiosity brought me to the different techniques and science of fluid art. I find it fits my creative style, skills, and energy while allowing challenging exploration.

I enjoy using bright, bold, colors that attract the eye, bring smiles to faces, and give energy and joy. I consider myself a “green” painter by not wasting any paint. I often use the excess paint from a project in other ways or in other pieces of work.

For questions, commissions and pricing email: s.pdowning@gmail.com To view and purchase products styled with my art, you can visit Redbubble.com at the link below.