• This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


With more than a decade of …

teaching and storytelling experience for all ages, I’ve been passionately working as a Leadership Facilitator, Teaching Artist, Health Educator, STEAM Educator and Maker. Through my extensive teaching background, education topics range from:

  • Performing Arts –
    related to Careers, Choreography, Musical Theatre, Puppeteering, and Auditioning
  • STD and Sexual Health Education
  • STEAM Cross Curriculum and Arts Integration
  • Youth & Peer Leadership, Service, and Innovation
  • Early Childhood Multicultural Programming 
    related to Music, Foreign Language, and Culture
  • LGBTQ+ Identities, Expression, and Societal Issues

What I am proud of ...

is that in everything I do I am confident and empowered. Those words live with me a lot. I want others to feel confident and empowered. 
I want for anyone I interact with, no matter how we interact, is that they feel that. Empowered to try, empowered to learn, empowered to explore, question, be curious, and feel connected to their potential.